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高二英语试题 说明:共 100 小题,每小题 1 分,共 100 分。把答案写在答题 卡上。
  1. Why did he suddenly silent at the meeting. A drop B turn C fall D grow

  2. Please go and a good meal, we shall have the honor of Mr. White’s staying for supper. A prepares for B prepare C get ready for D have

  3. Several hours had passed but the patient was still . A been operated operated on
  4. He often think of he can do more for the people. A what B how C that D which B being operated C operating on D being
5 The line before the cinema is so long, but I have to it. A attend B join C take D connect
6 One more week, we’ll accomplish the task. A or B so that C and D if

  7. finding it was written in Chinese , which, Jane didn’t understand at
all, he put it in his pocket. A how B what C whether D that
8 They seldom in bed after 5:00 a.m even though they are on holiday. A remained B slept C was D continued
9 We decided to turn to can help us out of trouble. A who B whoever C anyone D whomever
10 The reason he had the car accident was he had had a drink before starting out. A why, that B that, why C why, because D because, why
11 such are the machines by John last month. A had repaired B repaired C having repaired D repairing
12 The new machine is people , because it saves money and energy as well. A compared with B used to C popular with D well-known to
13 He injured his leg and could not play in the game. A for B but C therefore D so
14I wonder if I could use your telephone? A I wonder how B I don’t wonder
C Sorry, it’s out of order D No wonder, here it is 15 I’m glad I was able to him to stay in the computer company.
A advise
B persuade
C let
D agree
16 Jack without his parents lay on the ground with his eyes. A look at the stars B to look at the stars D looked at the stars
C looking at the stars
17 The American Indians must make use of such open forms of struggle permitted by law. A as are B which is C that are D as is
18 does anybody want an extra ticket to go to the cinema? Whom would you rather , Jack or me? A have to go B have go C to go D have gone
19 It wasn’t long he found mother came back. A when B until C before D since
20 How many pages have you so far? Can you return the book tome tomorrow? A looked B seen C covered D turned
21 We called the First-Aid center the traffic accident happened. A immediately B shortly C quickly D hurriedly
22 The children dreamt that he had once lived in a house in the forest. A wooden pretty little B pretty little wooden
C little pretty wooden D wooden little pretty 23 Professor Wang, we have make rapid progress in English, is one
of the best teachers. A whose help B of whom C with who D with whose help
24 When I my shopping list I found I’d forgotten to buy eggs. A checked B tested C looked D examined
25 The book, which he has worked for three years hasn’t been yet. A for, reported B at, published C on, published D as, printed
26 If you want to go to the countries, you’d better improve your English. A English-speaking, spoken B English-spoken, speaking
C English-speaking, speaking D English-spoken, spoken 27 I’m sorry I took you your sister at first. A to B for C of D by
28 altogether three men were killed in the car accident the driver. A besides B except C including D with
29 Water doesn’t boil until to 100oC A heated B heating C is heated D to be heated
30 production up by 60\\\\\%, the company has had another excellent year. A As B For C With D Through
31 she couldn’t understand was fewer and fewer students showed interest in her lesson.
A What, why
B That, what
C What, because
D Why, that
32 The weather turned out to be very good, was more than we expect. A what B which C that D it
33 He can speak four languages, English , French, Japanese and Chinese. A such as B namely C for example D like
34 The street tall buildings and trees. A is lined with B is lined in C is lining in D lines in
35 The boy was of his conduct. A ashamed , shameful C shameful , shamed B shameful, ashamed D shameless, ashamed
36 Does any one know how the news ? A get over B get up C get round D turn round
37 I read about it in some books or other, does it matter it was? A where B what C how D that
38 What surprise the villagers was that the flood rushed in their village . A after a short while since then 39 What we learn from the teacher in class for us . A is of value B is great valuable C is of great value D is very B once in a while C for a short while D
value 40 We advertised for pupils last autumn, and got 3
  00. A more than B more of C as much as D so many as
41 He received a letter with an unusual stamp on from his friend, which his collection. A added up to B added to C made up D made up of
42 The dictionary isn’t expensive but it is . A great value valuable 43 It is to hear that he has decided to go abroad. A surprise B surprised C surprising D to surprise B great valuable C of great value D of great
44 It is generally considered unwise to give a child he wants. A however B whatever C whenever D whichever
45 I him to go with me, but he didn’t my advice. A advised, follow C persuaded ,answer B asked, manage D suggested, agree
46 He walked and ran all morning in order to . A reach so much ground as he could could C cover as much ground as possible possible 47 Hello. May I speak to Tom? D walk ground as much as B run round as possible as he
Yes, . A Tom speaking above 48 china trades industrial and agricultural products many countries. A in, in B in, with C with, in D with, with B This is Tom C This is Tom speaking D all
49 Can you to travel this summer? No, I haven’t got enough money and now seems to be impossible. A afford, save money B afford, to save money C. intend, it 50 Zhang Li and I are . A of same age old 51 Tom is fun that we all like him. A so a great B such great a C so great a D such great B of the age same C of the same age D same D want, saving money
52 Robert, you’re wanted the phone. do you know who ? A on , he is B for, is he C on, it is D for, it is
53 Finally , the police found him behind a wall. A hide B hid C hiding D hidden
54 She intended but the look on your face suggested “No”.
A explain
B to explain
C explaination
D to be explained
55 We need to practice a play a lot before we . A put it on B put on it C put it up D put up it
56 After all, it was his first time to a part in a play. A make B join C have D give
57 was said here must be kept secret for ever. A It B What C Which D That
58 She entered the chemistry lab without anyone it. A knew B had known C knowing D was knowing
59 I gave him a warning he turned a deaf ear. A of which B for which C to that D to which
60 We walk along the road every day, on side of are flowered and trees. A both, which B wither, which C neither, it D either, it
61 How did you get wet ? I the rain. A was caught by caught in 62 I am anxious because I am uncertain next. A about doing what B to do what C about what to do how to do 63 A new school was in the village last year. D about B was caught in C get caught with D have
A held up
B set up
C sent up
D brought up
64 Dorothy was always speaking highly of her role in the play, , of course, make the others unhappy. A who B which C this D what
65 He made another wonderful discovery, of great importance to science. A which I think is C which I think it B which I think it is D I think which is
66 All of the flowers now raised here have developed from those in the forest. A once they grew B they grew once grew 67Does your brother intend to study German? Yes, he intends . A/ B to C so D that C they once grew D once
68 The cars give off a great deal of waste gas into streets. Yes. But I’m sure something will be done to air pollution. A reduce B remove C collect D warn
69 Will he come to help us at that time? . A I’m not afraid so not so B I’m not afraid C I’m afraid not D I’m afraid
70 They are good friends. They always have talks. A heart-to heart arm-to-arm 71 A film is to be show the evening of October 1st. A in, in b on, on C in, on D on, in B face-to-face C shoulder-to-shoulder D
72 During the two conferences, journalists from all over China and the world came to the conferences. A cover B watch C discover D write
73 I had a photograph with my old school friends. A take B have taken C taken D have been taken
74 we can see how English is used in everyday life . A as well B also C too D A or C
75 English Weekly very popular middle school students. A are, with B is, with C are, for D is, for
76 The southern Anhui happened in 19
  41. A Things B Incident C Accident D Event
77 There is no time left the headlines. A for B for writing C to write D A, B and C
78 on the moon is not so easy as it is on the earth. A To walk B Walking C Walk D Walked
79 My watch wants . It the right time. A to repair, doesn’t tell B being repaired, won’t tell
C repairing, hasn’t told
D repairing, doesn’t tell
80 He would like a film this evening, but his wife feels like home. A to see, staying to stay 81 What a valuable stamp you gave me? . I’m glad you like it. A Not at all B No, no C Thank you D You’re welcome B to see, to stay C seeing, staying D seeing,
82 Can you imagine a little boy a stranger into the house and a box away? A notice, enter, steal B watch, come, taking C found, going, get D seeing steal, carry
83 It was careless of you to have left your clothes outside all night. My God! . A So did I B So were you C So I did D So you did
84 Perhaps we should leave for the football match. ? In about fifteen minutes. then we’d better hurry. A where will the football match be held match C What time will it start D How can we get there B who will take part in the
85 It is generally believed that teaching is it is a science. A an art much as C as an art much as B much an art as D as much an art as
86 I had a wonderful time last weekend. . The lake was very big. I had a good time, too. I went swimming in a river. I really enjoyed that. A I went shopping with my friend B Tom and I went boating on the Green Lake C I went to see a film D I spent the whole day at home
87 I wonder who that man is. Which man? The one in blue? No, . Really? I thought he was your elder brother. A the one in yellow, That is our new monitor B I don’t know the man, What does your elder brother do? C he isn’t my monitor, Where’s your monitor? D the one with my brother, Oh, it’s you. 88 . Oh, it doesn’t matter. Do tell me where you bought them so I can get your another pair. Don’t worry. .
A I’m sorry I ‘m late. It’s still early B I’m sorry I’ve broken your glasses, That’s enough C Do you mind my breaking your glasses? I wouldn’t let you do that D I’m sorry to have broken your glasses, Just forget it 89 The answer happened when they checked the papers. A to change B to be changed C changed D be changing
90 He a newspaper to kill time. A asked me buying B advised to buy C suggested buying D suggested us to buy
91 While shopping, people sometimes can’t help into buying something they don’t really need. A being persuaded B persuade C persuading D be persuaded
92 You were brave enough to raise objections at the meeting. Well, now I regret that. A to do B to be doing C to have done D having done
93 I it out in this way, but I failed. Why not it in some other way? A tried to work, try doing B tried working, try to do C try to work, try doing D tried to work, try to do
94 I wonder if you have forgotten the novel from me last week. Will you please remember it here tomorrow? A to borrow, to bring B borrowing, bring
C borrowed, bring
D borrowing, to bring
95 A lot of Chinese students enjoy China Daily and other English newspapers. A reading B read C to read D to be reading
96 We called the First Aid Center the traffic accident happened. A immediately B shortly C quickly D hurriedly
97 The shop owner will get all these ordered TV sets to the customers today. A be delivered B delivered C delivering D to deliver
98 Why do these photographs look so black? The film was not in the right way. A washed B developed C printed D worked
99 Wait till you are more . It’s better to be sure than sorry. A inspired B certain C calm D satisfied
100 Their cheerful voice showed that they were having a discussion. A noisy B serious C comp



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