ng sth. It’s no good/use/picnic doing sth. have a good/great/wonderful time doing sth. spend/waste time doing sth. There is no point/sense/harm/ use doing sth. cannot help doing sth. There is no doing sth. I know it isn’t important but I can’t help thinking about it. Alice was having trouble controlling the children because there were so many of them. There is no use crying over spilt milk.
  4.there be 非谓语动词的用法 (
  1)做宾语时取决于谓语动词的持续要求。如: The students expected there to be more reviewing classes before the final exams. (expect 要求接不定式做宾语) (
  2)做目的状语或程度状语时用 for there to be,做其他状语 用 there being。如: For there to be successful communication, there must be attentiveness and involvement in the discussion itself by all present.
(for there to be…在句中做目的状语) It isn’t cold enough for there to be a frost tonight, so I can leave Jim’s car out quite safely. (for there to be…在句中做程度状语) There being no further questions, we’ll stop here today. (there being…做原因状语) (
  3)引导主语用 for there to be。如: It is unusual for there to be no late comers today. (
  4)做除 for 外的介词宾语,用 there being。如: He would always ignore the fact of there being such a contradiction in his inner thought 英语语法归纳与精练 根据以往英语取得高分同学的经验和海文英语辅导名师的建 议,他们都一致认为英语语法和词汇是学好、考好英语的重要 基础,其实完形填空是对语法、词汇的综合考查,但更关键的 是学好此部分有助于对英语句子结构的分析和理解, 有助于学 生掌握灵活多变的句式,这样不仅有助于学生做好阅读理解, 而且有助于学生做好英译汉,写好作文。因此,我们在此编写 了有关重点语法的知识点,并将陆续登出,同时将刊登一些试 题。希望同学们认真掌握,切不可因不靠它们而忽视了对英语 基础知识的掌握。
(一)情态动词 一.情态动词的现在完成式的用法 情态动词现在完成式主要有两个功能: 表示已经发生的情况 和表示虚拟语气。在这两个方面 must/mustn’t,;can/cann’t;need/nee dn’t;may/mayn’t;might/mightn’t;should/shouldn’t; ougtht 等情态动词+完成式表示的意思是有一定区别的
  1)must have+过去分词,表示对已发生情况的肯定推测,译为 (昨天)一定……” 如: “ 。 My pain apparent the moment I walked into the ro
om, for the first man I met asked sympathetically:” Are you feeling all right?” [A] must be be (答案为 C)
  2)can’t / couldn’t have+过去分词,表示对已发生情况的否定推 测,译为“ (昨天)一定没……” 如: 。 Mary ow. [A] couldn’t have received [C] has received (答案为 A) [B] ought to have received my letter; otherwise she would have replied before n [B] had been [C] must have been [D] had to
[D] shouldn’t have received

  3)may / might have +过去分词,表示对已发生的事情做不肯 定、 可能性很小的推测, 或事实上根本没发生, 译为“也许……” 。 如: At Florida Power’s Crystal River plant, a potentially serious leakag e of radioactive water may have been unknowingly caused by an electrician.
  1) needn’t have + 过去分词,表示做了不必做的事,相当于”di dn’t need to do”,译为“其实没必要……” 如: 。 You needn’t have come over yourself. As it turned out to be a small house party, we [A] needn’t dress up so formally.
[B]did not need have dressed up [D] needn’t have dressed up
[C] did not need dress up
(没有必要穿的那么正式, 体现是说话者的建议, 实际结果是否 真的穿的很正式没有确定,答案为 D)
  2)should have +过去分词,表示应该做某事但实际上未做,译 为“本应该……”should not + have 过去分词表示本不应该做某
事但实际上做了,译为“本不应该……” 如: 。 I regret having left the work unfinished; I should have planned ev erything ahead carefully. 我本来应该事先认真地把每件事情规划的很好, 但实际上作者 还是没有规划好,以至工作没有完成。

  3) ought to have +过去分词,表示动作按理该发生了,但实际 上未发生,译为“该……” 与 should 的完成式含义类似。如: , The porter ought to have called the fire-brigade as soon as he saw the fire in the stock, which went up in smoke .
  4) could have +过去分词,表示过去本来可以做但却未做,译 为“完全可以……” 这点与 ought/should/ have +过去分词用法相 。 似。如: What you said is right, but you could have phrased it more tactful ly.
  5) may/ might have +过去分词,表示过去可以做但实际未做, 译为“ (那样)也许会……” 如: 。 It might have been better to include more punchy statistics and p hotos of equipment in the introduction to further assist first-time off ice automation managers. 二.几个情态动词常考的句型:
  1).may/might (just) as well “不妨,最好” 与 had better 相近; , Since the flight was cancelled, you might as well go by train. 既然航班已经取消了,你不妨乘火车吧。相当于 you had bette r go by train。
  2) .cannot / can’t…too …“越……越好,怎么也不过分” 注意这 。 个句型的变体 cannot…over….如: You cannot be too careful when you drive a car.驾车时候,越小
心越好。 The final chapter covers organizational change and development. T his subject cannot be over emphasized .
  3) .usedn’t 或 did’t use to 为 used to (do) 的否定式。
  4) should 除了“应该”一层意思外, . 考研大纲还规定要掌握其“竟 然”的意思。 如: didn’t expect that he should have behaved like I that. 我无法想象他竟然这样做。 三.情态动词被动关系的主动表达法
  1. want, require, worth(形容词)后面接 doing 也可以表示被动 意义。 Your hair wants cutting The book is worth reading The floor requires washing.
  2.need 既可以用 need to be done 也可以使用 need doing ,两 种形式都表达被动的意义 The house needs painting= the house needs to be painted. The watch needed repairing= the watch needed to be repaired. (二) 形容词、副词及比较级最高级 一.形容词的修饰与位置 一般来说,从构词法角度来看,后缀”ly”往往是副词,但有 的以“ly’结尾的词是形容词而不是副词,这点要注意;形容词一 般可以在句子中做定语,表语等成份,但有些形容词在句子中
只能做表语和只能做前置定语; 这些形容词在修饰时候有一定 的特殊性要引起大家的注意,下面做了一下归纳: 1 以-ly 结尾的是形容词而不是副词: costly deadly friendly kindly leisurely brotherly earthly 昂贵的 死一般的 友好的 热心肠的 悠闲的 兄弟般的 尘世的 lonely lively silly likely ugly monthly 孤独的 活泼的 傻气的 可能的 长得丑的 每月的
2 只作以“a”开头的很多形容词只能做表语: afraid awake alive asleep well unable 害怕的 醒着的 活着的 睡着的 健康的 无能的 alike alone ashamed aware content 相象的 单独的,惟一的 羞愧的 意识到的、察觉到的 满意的
3 只作前置定语的形容词 earthen 泥土做的,大地的 daily 每日的 的 golden 金子般的 silken 丝一般的 weekly monthly 每周的 每月的 inner outer 里面的 外面的 latter 后面
wooden 木制的 woolen 毛织的 only little 惟一的 小的
yearly former sheer live
每年的 前任的 纯粹的
elder mere very
年长的 仅,只不过 恰好的

  4.下列动词既是实义动词又是系动词,注意用做系动词时, 要求形容词做表语: remain keep become, get, grow, go, come, turn, stay, stand, run, prove, seem, appear, look。 如:All those left undone may sound great in theory, but even th e truest ecifics. 二.形容词与副词的比较级与最高级
  1. 考比较级时,考生应把握:
  1)形容词和副词比较级的形式是否和比较连词对应出现,即 是否符合原级比较及比较级的结构。如: Do you enjoy listening to records? I find records are often , or better than an actual performance. [A]as good as [B]as good [C]good [D]good as believer has great difficulty when it comes to sp
在这里 as good as 比较连词与 better than 比较连词同时出现时 候,不能省略任何一个介词。答案为 A On the whole, ambitious students are more likely to succeed in th eir studies than are those with little ambition.

  2)比较的成分是否属于同类事物或同类概念,既是说比较要具 有可比性。如: The number of registered participants in this year’s marathon was half . [A] of last year’s [C]of those of last year [B]those of last year’s [D] that of last year’s
(前后相比的应该是今年和去年注册参加的人数“the number o f”故代替它的应该是单数指示代词“that” 而不能选择 B,those , 是指代 participants,不是同类对比,答案为 D。 Young readers, more often than not, find the novels of dickens far more exciting than Thackeray’s.
  3)比较级与倍数词关系及其位置 原级结构中可插入表达倍数的词,表示为“为….若干倍”,当与有 表示倍数比较的词在一起时候等,他们的位置是,倍数词+as… as…,或倍数词+more…than…,但 again 一般放在原级词之后,即 “as+原级+again+as”.如: Smoking is so harmful to personal health that it kills people each year than automobile accidents. [A] seven more times [C] over seven times (答案为 B) “Do you regret paying five hundred dollars for the painting?”No, I “ [B] seven times more [D] seven times
would gladly have paid [A] twice so much [C] as much twice (答案为 B) My uncle is as old again as I am
for it.”
[B] twice as much [D] so much twice

  4)下列词和短语不用比较级形式却表示比较概念: inferior, minor, senior, prior, prefer to, superior, major, junior, prefer able, differ from, compared with, in comparison with, different from, rather than. 如: Their watch is [A] superior (答案为 A) Prior to his departure, he addressed a letter to his daughter. (19 86 年考研题)
  5) “比较级+and +比较级”或“more and more/less and less +原 级”以及“ever, steadily, daily 等副词+比较级”结构表示“越来 越……”的意思,与这类结构搭配的常用动词有 grow, get ,becom e 等。前面两种情况更多地出现在进行时态中,注意的是这三 种情况引导的比较级后面都不需要用 than.如: Things are getting worse and worse. As I spoke to him he became less and less angry. Her health was becoming daily worse to all the other watches on the market. [B] advantageous [C] super [D] beneficial
The road got ever worse until there was no road at all = the roa d got worse and worse.
  6)比较级前面可以用 even, still, yet ,all the (more)等修饰语用以 加强语气,表示“更加”的意思。如 Today it is even colder than yesterday I have yet more exciting news for you
  7) 有关比较级的特殊句型: A): not so much…as…与其说……不如说…… The chief reason for the population growth isn’t so much a rise in birth rates a fall in death rates as a result of impr
ovements in medical care. [A] and [B] as [C]but [D] or
人口增长的主要原因与其说是因为出生率的提高, 还不如说是 因为医疗的进步带来的死亡率下降的结果。答案为 B B) no/not any more…than…两者一样都不…… The heart is intelligent than the stomach, for they are b
oth controlled by the brain. [A] not so [B]not much [C]much more [D] no more
(心脏和胃两者都不具有智力, 他们都受大脑控制。 答案为 D) There is no reason they should limit how much vitamin you take, they can limit how much water you drink. [A] much more than [B] no more than
[C] no less than (答案为 D)
[D] any more than
C)no/not any less…than…两者一样,都…注意基本上与 no/not any more…than 意思相反 She is no less beautiful than her sister.她和她姐姐一样漂亮 D)just as… so… 正如……, ……也……(用倒装结构) the atmosphere. [D] and so is
Just as the soil is a part of the earth, [A] as it is [B] the same is [C] so is
(答案为 C)
  1)最高级比较范围用介词 in, over, of, among。 in,(all) over 用于在某一范围内的比较,如:in China, all over th e world. of,among 用于在同一群体内同类事物的比较,如 among the teach ers,of the four dresses. 注意:among…相当于 one of …,不说 among all…。这一点考生 应与汉语表达区别开来 如: all visible lights, red light has the longest and violet t he shortest wavelength. [A] Among [B] Of [C]For [D]To 答案为[B]

any other +单数名词 the other +复数名词 the others anyone/anything



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  七年级生物下册期中考试试题一、选择题:(每题只有一个正确答案,2×25=50 分) 1、 如图为 4 种食品中含有的营养成分的相对含量,其中最不易患贫血的是( B )2、 我国营养学家将食物按照每日摄取量,形象地设计成五级“平衡膳食宝塔” ,如图所示, 处于生长时期的青少年每日摄取的食物中,含量最多的是( ) 在“膳食宝塔”中的位置 Ⅴ级 Ⅳ级 Ⅲ级 Ⅱ级 Ⅰ级 食物分类 油脂类 豆类和奶类 鱼、肉、蛋、禽类 果蔬类 谷类 每日摄入量 小于 25 克 100~150 克 125~200 克 40 ...


  七年级科学期中测试考生须知:2006.111、本试卷分试题卷和答题卷两部分。满分为 120 分,考试时间 90 分钟。 2、所有答案必须做在答题卷标定的位置上,注意试题序号和答题序号相对应。 一、选择题(每小题 2 分,共 50 分;每小题只有一个选项是正确的) 1、学习科学的基本方法是 A.积累成果,发现规律 C.看书学习,认真作业 ( ) B.搜集资料,书写论文 D.观察实验 ( ) D 3.60 厘米2、如图 1 测量得到的数据正确的是 A 13.6 B 13.60 厘米C 3.63、凭你 ...


  【古诗词】 《牧童》 唐 吕岩 草铺横野六七里,笛弄晚风三四声。归来饱饭黄昏后,不脱蓑衣卧月明。 意思:广阔的原野,绿草如茵;晚风中隐约传来三四牧童声悠扬的笛声。 《舟过安仁》 宋 杨万里 一叶渔船两小童,收篙停棹坐船中。怪生无雨都张伞,不是遮头是使风。 意思:哦,怪不得没下雨他们也张开了伞呢,原来不是为了遮雨,而是想利用伞使风让船前 进啊! 《清平乐?村居》 宋 辛弃疾 茅檐低小,溪上青青草。醉里吴音相媚好,白发谁家翁媪? 笼。最喜小儿亡赖,溪头卧剥莲蓬。 大儿锄豆溪东,中儿正织鸡意思:大儿子 ...


  高中化学辅导网:http://www.huaxuefudao.com2009 年福建省泉州市高考化学模拟试题及答案 理综试题学科网本试卷分第Ⅰ卷(选择题)和第Ⅱ卷(非选择题)两部分。第Ⅰ卷 1 至 6 页,均为必考 题,第Ⅱ卷 7 至 14 页,包括必考和选考两部分。满分 300 分。 相对原子质量:H ? 1 O ? 16 S ? 32 注意事项: 1.答题前考生务必在试题卷、答题卡规定的地方填写自己的准考证号、姓名,考生要认 真核对答题卡上粘贴的条形码的“准考证号、姓名”与考生本人准证号、姓 ...