else 上述词是用业将比较级结构转变成最高级意义的关键词语, 切 不可遗漏,尤其是 other,否则会造成逻辑混乱的错误。如不能 说:John runs faster than anyone.注意与汉语表达的不同。
  3)most 可以用来修饰形容词或副词,意思相当于 very,用法区 分单复数,但不能用定冠词 the,如:a most interesting book, most expensive restaurants, 要注意与 “the +形容词最高级+of + 名词”的结构表示的最高级的区别,如: He spoke in the warmest of voices They have been most kind to me Basketball is the most popular of sports in this country. Chinese is the most difficult of language Chinese is a most difficult language 三.不用比较级和最高级的形容词:
  1)表示颜色的有:white, black
  2) 表示形态的有: round, square, oval, circular, triangular(三角形), level
  3)表示性质和特征的有:atomic, economic,scientific,sonic, golden, silvery, woolen, earthen, silent, full, empty, sure, dead, deaf, blind,
lame, rainy
  4)表示状态作表语的有:afraid, asleep, alive, ashamed, alone, aw are, alike
  5)表示时间、空间和方位的有:daily, weekly, monthly, annual, pr esent, front, back, forward, backward, east, west, south, north, left, right, final
  6)表示极限、主次、等级的有:maximum, minimum, utmost, mai n, major, chief minor, superior, inferior, senior, junior, super, favorite
  7)含有绝对概念的有:absolute, entire, whole, total, perfect, excell ent, thorough, complete. 四.平行结构与比较级 平行结构很多情况下是由形容词或副词的比较级或者暗含比 较意味的连词引导的。如: The ideal listener stays both inside and outside the music at the moment it is played and enjoys it almost as much as the compos er at the moment he composes. 大多数情况下平行结构都是具有一定的比较含义的, 有的是递 进对比 not only…but (also) ;prefer…to…;rather than 有的是同类对 比:and ;but;or;both… and…;either…or…; neither…nor….. 平行结构测试时候注意以下几点:
  1.注意比较结构中相比较的内容在语法形式上是否相同。如: It is better to die one’s feet than .
[A]living on one’s knees [B]live on one’s knees [C]on one’s knees [D]to live on one’s knees (答案为 D) Despite the temporary difficulties, the manager prefers increasing th e output to decreasing it.
  1)rather than, let alone 虽不是并列连词,但在结构上连接两 个语法形式相同的成分。 如:
We are taught that a business letter should be written in a formal style [A]rather than 答案为 A For the new country to survive, for its people to enjoy prosperi [B]other than in a personal style. [C]better than [D]less than
ty, new economic policies will be required. [A] to name a few (答案为 B)
  2)如果平行的两个成分在形式上是介词短语,而且介词相同, 一般说来第二个介词不要省略。 如: [B]let alone [C]not to speak [D]let’s say
At times, more care goes into the composition of newspaper and magazine advertisements than into the writing of the features and editorials. (三)代词及其指代一致
  1.that 的指代作用 that 指代不可数名词和单数可数名词(如是复数,用 those) , 后面通常跟有修饰语,如出现在比较结构中的 that of。如 Conversation calls for a willingness to alternate the role of speake r with that of listener, and it calls for occasional “digestive pauses” by both.这里 that 指代前面的 the role。 No bread eaten by men is so sweet as that earned by his own l abor.
  2.one 的指代作用 one 指代带不定冠词的单数可数名词,复数为 ones。the one 指 代带定冠词的单数可数名词。 A good writer is an uncommon way. [A] that 答案为[C]
  3.do 的替代作用。 do 代替动词,注意数和时态的变化。如: For him to be re-elected, what is essential is not that his policy works , but that the public believe that it does. 二.代词指代一致问题 代词指代一致是指指代的名词在性、数、格上是否一致,或者 [B]he [C]one [D]this 如:
who can express the commonplace in
所照应的名词词组在某些方面保持一致。 Each cigarette a person smokes does some harm, and eventually he may get a serious disease form its effect. 这里 he 指代前面的 person。 It was during the 1920’s that the friendship between the two Amer ican writers Hemingway and Fitzgerald reached its highest point. 这里 its 指代前面的两人的 friendship。 Our department was monitored by two supervisors, Bill and me. 这里 me 必须用宾格形式。 代词指代一致必须注意以下几个原则和规律:
  1.邻近和靠近原则 由 either … or, neither…nor, not only…but (also)连接先行词时候, 如果两个先行词在数和性上保持一致, 就用其相应的一直的人 称代词;如果两个先行词在数或性上不一致,人称代词一般与 邻近的先行词在数和性上保持一致。 Neither Mary nor Alice has her key with her. Neither the package nor the letters have reached their destination If either David or Janet comes , he or she will want a drink
  2. each, everyone, everybody, no one ,none ,anybody, someone, 当 somebody 用作主语或主语的限定词时候,或者 anything, nothing, something everything 等不定代词作主语时候,其相应的代词一 般按照语法一致原则,采取单数形式。如:
Everybody talked at the top of his voice. None of the boys can do it , can he? Everything is ready, isn’t it”
  3.当主语为复数形式,后跟 each 作同位语时,如果 each 位于 动词之前,其后的代词或相应的限定词用复数形式;如果 eac h 位于动词之后, 其后的代词或相应的限定词用单数形式。 如: They each have two coats we are each responsible for his own family
  4.由 and 连接两个先行词,代词用复数 如: tourist and businessmen lost their luggage in the accident the (三) 主谓一致问题 主谓一致是指主语与谓语在数上要一致。把握主谓一致问题, 考生主要解决的是对不同结构的主语单复数的认定, 进而选择 适当的谓语。解决主谓一致主要遵循三个原则: 语法一致原则 意义一致原则 就近一致原则 很多情况下应该综合利用这三个原则来处理主谓一致, 在不同 情况下可能应用三个原则中的不同原则, 具体应用哪种原则应 该视具体情况而定。总结如下: 一.谓语动词用单数的情况
数。如: Buying clothes is often a time-consuming job because those clothe s that a person likes are rarely the cones that fit him or her. (1987 年考研题) To understand the situation completely requires more thought than has been given thus far.
  2.表示时间、距离、金额、重量、面积、体积、容积等度量 的名词短语做主语时,谓语用单数。 Two weeks was too long Five times five makes twenty five
  3.一般用 and 连接的两个单词或短语做主语时候,谓语用复 数,但是下面用 and 连接的主语表示一个概念,谓语用单数: law and order a cup and saucer the needle and thread 不断摸索 horse and carriage bread and butter 潮涨潮落 如: If law and order or his property is safe. A. is B. are C. was d. were not preserved, neither the citizen n 马车 奶油面包 time and tide the ebb and flow 岁月 盛衰, 法制 茶杯碟子 针线 soap and water fork and knife trial and error 肥皂水 刀叉 反复尝试,
  4.表示学科和某些疾病名称的名词是复数形式,作主语时候 谓语动词用单数形式 Linguistics is a branch of study on human language.
  5.有些名词形式上是复数,意义上是单数,根据意义一致原 则动词用单数 The chaos was stopped by the police The news is a great encouragement to us A series of debates between the lectures was scheduled for the n ext weekend.
  6.用 and 连接的成份表示一个单一概念时候,动词谓语用 单数形式 Bread and butter is our daily food Time and tide waits for no man 二. 谓语用复数情况
  1. 由 and, both …and, 连接的并列主语,和 both ,a few, many ,several 等修饰语后面谓语动词通常用复数形式。 Few people know he and I were classmates when we were at co llege.
  2.集体名词 police, public, militia, cattle ,class ,youth 后常用复数 形式的动词 The Chinese people are brave and hardworking
The cattle are grazing in the sunshine
  3.当表示民族的词与冠词合用当主语,谓语动词用复数形式 The Japanese were once very aggressi



  厦门 2005-2006 学年下学期 3 月考高二英语试题 学年下学期 高二英语试题满分: 满分:150 时间: 时间:120 分钟第一卷( 第一卷(满分 120 分)注意: 请将第一卷的答案填在答题卡上,否则不得分。 注意: 请将第一卷的答案填在答题卡上,否则不得分。 听力( 一. 听力(1 .5*20=30 分) 第一节(共 5 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 7.5 分) 听下面 5 段对话。每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中选出最佳选项, 并标在试卷的相应位置。听 ...


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  本文由教育网站大全编辑整理 输入 www.0010100.com,掌握一手教育咨询,下载最新试卷,马上设为主页吧!2006 普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(安徽卷) 普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(安徽卷) 英 语本试卷分第 I 卷(选择题)和第 II 卷(非选择题)两部分,第 I 卷 1 至 14 页,第 II 卷 15 至 16 页。全卷满分 150 分,考试时间 120 分钟。第I卷第一部分 听力(共两节,满分 30 分) 做题时,先将答案标在试卷上。录音内容结束后,你将有两分钟的时间将试卷上 ...


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  2011 年高考命题特点预测和考点解密第一部分:特点预测 通过对 2010 年新课标省区高考试题的深入分析,我们预测,2011 年的 地理高考命题,虽然总体上仍会坚持“稳中求变,变中求新”原则,但是会更加突出以下几 点。 1.将更加注重对考生的读图识表能力的考查,进一步突出地理学科特色 这些年的高考地理试题基本上是题不离图, 图表形式多样化。 高考地理试题中的图表有 曲线统计图、柱状统计图、扇形统计图、过程示意图、原理示意图、剖面图、普通地图、专 题地图,还有各类过程统计表或区域地理环境要素比较 ...

高二英语 (Unit5-6)月考试题 大纲人教版

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  2010 年济南中考政策解读2010 年初中学业水平考试将彻底取代中考文化课考试. 2010 年的中考到底怎么考?是否 学生不用再进行中考准备?高中录取方式将产生哪些重大变化?在济南中学中考考点, 本报记 者独家采访了济南市教育局副局长王春光,进行权威解读. 6 月 15 日,济南市将举行首次初中学业水平考试,进行生物,地理的科目考试,考点 设在考生就读的初中学校.考试为同场异卷考试,监考老师实行轮换制,学生不换考场,由 外区和外校的老师监考. 考试形式与中考文化课考试没有本质区别.2010 年 ...