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打印 高考英语语法知识强化篇(全套)练习
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  1.Father went to his doctor for about his heart trouble.
A. an advice B. advice C. advices D. the advices
[误点] 误把 A、C、D认为是advice的名词复数。正确答案为B.
[解析] advice为不可数名词,不能与不定冠词连用,也不能在词尾加上s.
[捷径] 平时要注意不可数名词学习时的积累。类似advice的不可数名词还有

  2.Alexenda Bell was considered to have invented telephone.
A. / B. the C. an D. a
[误点] 误把 D认为是正确答案.正确答案应为B.
[解析] 在表示发明物的前面要用定冠词,实际上就是表示 “第一个”之意。
[捷径] 主要是要把平时所学的知识记住,同时还要对特殊的例句进行记忆。

  1. orphan
  2. hour

  3. umbrella
  4. used car

  5. European country
  6. iron

  7. one-eyed horse
  8. H-shaped pipe

  9. interest
  10. eight-hundred-word article

  1. New Year’s Day
  2. Great Wall

  3. U.S.
  4. Africa

  5. Second World War
  6. east

  7. United Nations
  8. Yellow River

  9. Middle School No.1
  10. play basketball

  11. play piano
  12. have lunch

  13. pay attention to
  14. Lesson Ten

  15. speak English
  16. English language

  17. at night
  18. in morning

  19. make use of
  20. spring

  1. sit at the table be at table

  2. go to the college go to college

  3. be on the bed go to bed

  4. be of an age be of age

  5. go there by bike go there on Tom’s bike

  6. take place take the place of

  7. in front of in the front of

  8. three of us the three of us

  9. make room clean the room

  10. a third bullet the third bullet

  11. a most useful tool the most useful tool

  12. have a rest the rest of water

  13. in a way in the way

  14. a Zhang the Zhangs

  15. paper papers

  1. water is necessary to life.

  2. water in the well is not fit to drink.

  3. butter on your plate comes from Australia.

  4. butter is made from milk.

  5. Before liberation poor often went hungry.

  6. It was morning when we got there.

  7. His family cleaned the room in morning.

  8. She used to read novels at night.

  9. We made him monitor.

  10. monitor spoke at the beginning of the meeting.

  11. Her mother died, leaving her orphan.

  12. Yesterday I saw one-eyed elephant in the zoo.

  13. Shanghai lies in east of China.

  14. We have same opinion.

  15. He was thrown into prison in 19

  16. It’s very good to practise your spoken English in and out of class.

  17.By way, there is going to be League meeting after supper.

  18.Can you tell me in which countries English is spoken as native language?

  19.English is widely used as second or foreign language in whole world.

  20.John Daiton was famous English chemist who did much valuable work on
elements. It is not so greatly known that he was colour-blind.
The cinema was in darkness when we went in and it was not easy job making our way to our seats.(
  1) old man was walking in (
  2) front of us. He was lucky as he had(
  3) stick to help him find his way. Just like (
  4) blind man.
“ It’s funny not to have any light on before(
  5) film begins.” I said.
“And not(
  6) music, either,” added my wife. “Well, perhaps they want to save(
  7) electricity.”
We were in one of (
  8) rows near(
  9) entrance when we heard(
  10) other people pass by. But we could not tell how many people were at cinema. It was usually much crowded at (
  11) this time of (
  12) day.
It must be 2 o’clok already,” my wife said, getting restless. “Can you see your watch? ”
My eyes had now got used to (
  13) darkness and by bringing my watch close to my eyes. I could just make out that it was(
  14) little after two.
Just then(
  15) film started, but we were disappointed to find that there had been (
  16) change. It was not the film we wanted to see. They were showing(
  17) old film. My wife and I had seen it there times in (
  18) past two months!
二. 综合练习
I. 选择填空

  1. Are these yours?
A. photo B. photos C. photoes D. photo’s

  2. All the are made of , not plastics.
A. glass…glasses B. glasses…glass
C. glass…glass D. glasses…glasses

  3. An ant has two .
A. stomachs B. stomaches C. stomach’s D. stomach

  4. A lot of are eating the grass.
A. deers B. deeres C. deer D. sheeps

  5. Grandpa has two .
A. sister-in-law B. sons-in-law
C. sisters-in-laws D. son-in-laws

  6. This means widely now.
A. are; used B. have; used
C. has been; used D. have been; used

  7. After class we were glad to take rest.
A. a few minute’s B. a few minutes’
C. a few-minutes D. a few minutes

  8. Everyone admires .
A. a good manner B. the good manner
C. good manners D. the good manners

  9. There chemical works in the east of the city.
A. is B. are C. is a D. are a

  10.The police for the murderer everywhere when he suddenly appeared in a
A. is searching B. were searching
C. was searching D. are searching

  11. The population of Beijing about ten million.
A. is B. were C. are D. being

  12. A great deal of energy this way.
A. are wasted B. were wasted C. is wasted D. wastes

  13. More than one her address.
A. know B. knows C. is knowing D. have known

  14. Every soldier and every officer ready to go to the front.
A. is B. are C. were D. have been

  15. The number of college students every year.
A. rise B. raises C. rises D. are raised

  16. Neither the students nor the teacher himself the experiment before.
A. have made B. has made C. made D. make

  17. Anyway it’s you who the right to decide.
A. has B. is C. have D. are

  18. Not only you but also I going to visit him.
A. is B. are C. am D. were

  19. All changed. we hardly recognize each other at once.
A. is B. are C. has D. have

  20. All changed. I hardly know my hometown.
A. is B. are C. has D. have

  1. Your hairs are too long. Better go and have them cut.

  2. Mother is always busy with the houseworks.

  3. I went to him for informations about the coming journey.

  4. I bought three dozens pencils.

  5. I have read many books to gain more knowledges.

  6. Confucius(孔子)gives us many lessons in manner.

  7. Please pay my best respect to my teachers.

  8. We’re making preparation for the examination.

  9. I don’t care to make friend with such a man.

  10. The polices are standing at the gate of the building.

  1. There fifths of the students (be) reading in the class.

  2. Three fifths of the water (be) wasted.

  3. Some 70\\\\\% of the oil (come) from Daqing.

  4. Fifty dollars a month (be ) a large sum in his eyes.

  5. Forty years (be) only a very short span in human history.

  6. Four weeks (be) needed to finish this task.

  7. Half of the apples (be) rotten.

  8. The rest of ink (be) thrown away.

  9. Part of my money (be) spent on books.

  10. The great general and statesman (be) gone.

  11. Bread and butter(be ) a good kind of food.

  12. Look! There (come) a teacher and some pupils.

  13. Every officer and every soldier(have) taken up his gun, and is ready to go to the front.

  14. No apple and no pear (be) in the basket.

  15. The teacher as well as the students (wish) for sight-seeing.

  16. Not only he but also his parents(be) very kind of us.

  17. Either you or your wife (be) to come in person.

  18. My family (be) watching TV at that time.

  19. The committee(be) planting trees.

  20. About 30 percent of the population of the city (be) farmers.

  1. We have worked out the plan and now we must put it into . (MET
A. fact B. reality C. practice D. deed

  2. He dropped the and broke it. (MET
A. cup of coffee B. coffee’s cup C. cup of coffees D. coffee cup

  3. Here’s my card. Let’s keep in .(NMET
A. touch B. relation
C. connection D. selection

  4. I’ll look into the matter as soon as possible. Just have a little . (NMET
A. wait B. time
C. patience D. rest

  5. If by any chance someone comes to see me, ask them to have a (NMET
A. message B. letter
C. sentence D. notice

  6. You’ll find this map of great in helping you to get round London.(NMET
A. price B. cost
C. value D. usefulness

  7. Many countries are increasing their use of natural gas, wind and other forms of (上海市
A. energy B. source
C. power D. material

  8. You can take as many as you like because they are free of .(上海市
A. fare B. charge
C. money D. pay

  9. Some famous singers live on the from their record sales. (上海市
A. salary B. value
C. bill D. income

  10. Those football player had no strict until they joined our club.(上海市
A. practice B. education
C. exercise D. training.
One d(
  1) a tailor in a city was busy mending an old c(
  2), repairing some h(
  3) and a place where it was torn, when he suddenly heard a low, frightening s(
  4) at his open d(
  5). He looked up and could hardly believe what he saw. He had heard there were b(
  6) coming right into the c(
  7), looking for f(
  8), but it did not seem possible the brown b(
  9) at his door was real. He was terribly frightened. He had no g(
  10) in the shop. His only weapon was a pair of s(
  11) he used for cutting c(
  12). At that m(
  13) a car came down the street. The d(
  14) saw the bear and was so surprised that he drove his car off the r(
  15) and onto the sidewalk. Luckily, the bear was just as frightened by the c(
  16) as the t(
  17) as frightened by the bear. The bear moved quickly on down the street to look for food elsewhere. The t(
  18) telephone the p(
  19), and the b(
  20) was caught before it could harm anyone.
I. 答案.

  1. an
  2. an
  3. an
  4. a
  5. a
  6. ×
  7. a
  8. an

  9. ×
  10. an


  9. interest做“兴趣”讲通常为不可数名词)但注意,可数或不可数,有时不是绝对的,如iron做“熨斗”讲,它就为可数名词,前面便可以加不定冠词了。an iron(一只熨斗)。
II. 答案:

  1. ×
  2. the
  3. the
  4. ×
  5. the
  6. the
  8. the
  9. ×
  10. ×
  11. the
  12. ×
  13. ×
  14. ×
  15. ×
  16. the
  17. ×
  18. the
  19. ×
  20. ×



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